Trial Statistics for Offences Committed in Public Service

in Latvia 2004 - 2015

  • In cases of criminal offenses related to public sector corruption, in which the first-instance judgments were made in 2015, the total number of tried persons exceeded 208, the largest number on record since 2004;
  • At least 199 persons were convicted, the largest number of convicts on record since 2004;
  • 141 criminal cases for bribe giving to the road police contributed to the large total number;
  • First time since 2011, the number of convicted public officials increased. At least 33 public officials were convicted in the first instance in 2015. The largest number - 96 convicted officials - was in 2005. The smallest number - 20 - in 2014;
  • Among the convicted public officials were 15 State Police officers, one public prosecutor, two customs officers, three state authorized persons in an enterprise, two board members of municipal enterprises, etc.;
  • Two police officers and a public prosecutor received sentences of real prison terms.

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