Corruption °C reports No. 1-16

No. 16, 2012 by Linda Austere. Stuck in the Metaphors of Transparency

No. 15, 2012 by Ivan Ninenko. Russia’s Anti-corruption Predicament: Reforms, Activism and Struggling Rulers

No. 14, 2012 by Zinta Miezaine. Donations by State-owned Companies for the Development of the Civil Society. In Latvian only.

No. 13, 2011 by Valts Kalniņš. The Policy and Governance of State-owned Enterprises in Latvia. In Latvian only.

No. 12, 2011 by Christopher Walker. The Perpetual Battle: Corruption in the Former Soviet Union and the New EU Members

No. 11, 2010 by Gatis Litvins. Sand in the Machine of EU Funds Distribution. Challenges and risks of the management system of the European Union Funds1

No. 10 2009. Second semiannum

No. 9 2009. First semiannum

No. 8 2008. Second semiannum

No. 7 2008. First semiannum

No. 6 2007. Second semiannum. Not available in English.

No. 5 2007. First semiannum. Not available in English.

No. 4 2006. Second semiannum. Not available in English.

No. 3 2006. First semiannum

No. 2 2005. Second semiannum

No. 1 2005. First semiannum

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