About Corruption °C

Since 2005 Corruption °C follows and analyses key trends in the area of corruption and anti-corruption policy in Latvia. Moreover the publication aims also to place Latvia's developments into a wider European context. Papers published in Corruption °C usually do not aim to measure levels of corruption with the help of surveys or other quantitative methods. Rather the ambition is to follow the often chaotic flows of corruption-related news, identify the most important developments and provide their in-depth analysis.

Corruption °C publishes contributions by top Latvian experts as well as international authors.

The publisher of Corruption °C is the Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS, which was established in 2002 and has since developed as the leading think-tank in Latvia. PROVIDUS mission is to facilitate comprehensive policy change in areas important for Latvia’s development. PROVIDUS also provides expertise to other countries undergoing democratic transformation. PROVIDUS areas of work are: good governance, including anti-corruption; criminal justice policy; tolerance and inclusive public policy; and European policy.

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