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Updated Statistics on Convictions for Corruption Offences (2014 Data Added)

  • In cases of criminal offenses related to public sector corruption, in which the first-instance judgments were made in 2014, the total number of tried persons reached 107;
  • All of the 107 persons were convicted (no one was acquitted), and it is the largest number of convicts since 2007;
  • 87 criminal cases for bribe giving to the road police contribute to the large total number;
  • It is mainly the Zemgale regional branch of the State Police that fights bribe giving to the road police, about two-thirds of all cases of this kind came from this region (57 of 87);
  • The number of convicted public officials has declined radically. This is a worrying trend, which testifies the weakening of the fight against corruption in Latvia. Only nine public officials were convicted in the first instance in 2014. This is the lowest number since 2004, when PROVIDUS began to produce these statistics. The largest number - 96 convicted officials - was in 2005;
  • Among the nine convicted public officials were four State Police officers, three officials of the State Border Guard, one official of the State Fire and Rescue Service and one judge;
  • Public officials rarely face real imprisonment for bribery. 68 public officials have been found guilty for bribe taking in cases were judgments were made in the first instance court between 2010 and 2014 (and have come into force). Out of them, nine persons received sentences of real prison terms, while 54 persons received conditional sentences;
  • Almost all the cases of 2014 have been relatively simple, as indirectly evidenced by the fact that in May 2015, all but one had already entered into force.

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Information added on 17 December 2015.

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